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Weight Loss

Each of our physician monitored weight loss programs will help you reach your weight loss goals both quickly and safely. Because it’s not a question of beauty, it’s a question of health! ”

 Comprehensive Medical Weight Loss Workshop

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month @ 2pm

(Topics: Acupuncture for Weight Loss, Benefits of Detoxification, and Ideal Protein)




Ideal Protein Method is a medically designed and professionally supervised wellness protocol dispensed only by healthcare professionals. It is a muscle-sparing, fat targeting weight loss protocol that was created for athletes in France over 20 years ago. You will lose an average of 3-7 pounds per week without exercise.


The physician monitored weight loss program has a beginning and an end where we not only take the weight off and make you healthy; we show you how to KEEP it off. A Health profile and Your Last Diet are available at the front desk if you would like to learn more or get started. Educational workshops are offered on every first and third Saturday of the month @ 2pm. Please call for more information, or just come to any workshop.


  • Doctor designed & FDA label approved
  • Women lose 3 lbs per week on average
  • Men lose about 5 lbs per week on average
  • Primarily promotes fat loss
  • Helps to maintain muscle mass
  • Tones & revitalizes skin
  • Supports cellulite reduction
  • Promotes vitality & energy
  • Naturally suppresses appetites
  • Re-establishes pancreatic function (Insulin)
  • 4 Phase protocol (Start & End)The Health Profile must be completed in its entirety before beginning the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. Save time by preparing Ideal Protein Health Profile Intake Form at home.

We focus on developing customized, holistic weight-loss programs that focuses on restoring your health, fitness, power, and resolution. Our solutions involve looking at all aspects of weight management including the emotional, nutritional, physical, and mental balance or imbalance associated with weight loss. It is perfect supplement to any personal fitness and diet program.




Get the skinny on acupuncture with this holistic weight loss program. Acupuncture’s system of healing can facilitate weight loss by addressing a number of underlying issues including slow metabolism, food craving, and low energy levels.


Using acupuncture in specific points on the body works to release certain endorphins. The resulting effect creates a calming and relaxing state of mind that reduces stress that often triggers overeating. These endorphins also affect the digestive system and hormones to bring your body to balance, adjusting slow metabolic rates to create a natural way for your body to accelerate the weight-loss process.


Our comprehensive acupuncture weight loss program is a 10 week program which integrates acupuncture, massage, nutrition and wellness coaching. All clients must fill out our health profile prior to beginning program.


1 hour Consultation


During the initial consultation, the doctor will review your health profile, detoxification questionnaire, take your measurements, weight and BMI (body mass index). We will review your current diet and set up a plan that will assist you to getting to your ideal weight.




Each individual will begin with a 7 day detox in order to remove the existing toxins in your body. Our detox program provides you with complete and nutritionally balanced beverage and supplements that support your body’s ability to cleanse itself more effectively.


Acupuncture and Auricular Treatments


The intent of these treatments are to balance your body’s energy, address the underlying cause of weight gain, and promote overall health. Metabolism can be boosted and cravings will be controlled by affecting the digestive and nervous system of the body.




Stress is one of the many reasons we are over weight. Two 30 minute Massages are included with this program.


Nutrition & Wellness Coaching


Balancing Point’s Nutrition and Wellness Coaching program focuses on listening, teaching, and supporting you through your journey to better health and ideal weight. Each week, you will meet with one of the doctors to review your diet and exercise while keeping you accountable with measurements and weight.




Detox with your Doctor Program


7,14 or 28 Day Diet, Lifestyle, and Nutrient program to support the body’s ability to remove toxins that have build up over time. This is a comprehensive medically developed program for supporting liver detoxification.


2 Reasons to Detoxify


1. To Maintain Good Health


Normally, the immune system, liver and kidneys work together to remove toxins as they are encountered, as well as those that have built up over time. When toxin levels are in excess, they are stored in body tissue until they are removed and can cause you to feel ill. When detoxification and elimination systems of the body are working at their optimal level they are able to handle the load of incoming toxins and can prevent further accumulation of undesirable toxins.


2. To Unmask GI and Other Health Problems


The accumulation of toxins can intensify symptoms of an illness, or manifest into other signs and symptoms related to ill health. After completing a detoxification program, most of the toxins trapped in your body should clear out. This reduces the symptoms associated with toxin accumulation and gives your healthcare provider a clearer picture of your overall health.


BP’s detox program is designed to Remove, Restore, and Revitalize your liver while supporting your GI function.