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The name Balancing Point is truly synonymous with the healing and various applications of  alternative therapy and treatment for the total and specific well-being of the human physical and spiritual persona.


Dr. Chung brings her healing touch to each person and overall comfort, peace, healing with specific applications of Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic methods. Dr. Chung and her staff of Massage Therapists and accessibility and ease of treatments contribute to the excellent and efficient practice(s) of Balancing Point. Each staff member contributes to the successful completion of each appointment for the client and patient while addressing all concerns and ailments/illnesses for each of us. I personally have experienced alternative medicine for over 20 years – specifically Acupuncture, Massage (various) herbal remedies and relaxation therapies combined with “Western Medicine” i.e., surgeries, diagnosis, testing, etc. The accomplishments achieved at Balancing Point for me personally have been extraordinary as a past stroke patient, certain limited facial paralysis and trigeminal neurological problems have been minimized through Acupuncture treatments and facial muscles starting to restore to strength.


Treatment must be consistent – Dr. Chung truly leads the parade in helping restore not only physical health for past stroke and post Bell’s palsy, but spiritually helps restore our energy with her caring and healing treatments. I thank you, Dr. Chung and Balancing Point.

- Ellen A.

Dr. Chung has been a great help to me! I went to see her years ago for chronic neck pain brought on by an old injury.


I’d been to an orthopedic doctor, a spine specialist, a chiropractor…. I’d done massage exercise and physical therapy. And nothing worked like Dr. Chung. She was gentle but effective, listened to what I said, and gave me just the right amount of explanation so I could understand exactly what was going on and what she could do about it. She’s wonderful!

- Eileen C.

I am very impressed with the commitment Balancing Point has shown towards assisting me in my recovery.


The knowledgeable staff has used Ultrasound, Acupuncture and Massage therapy in collaboration to address my tendonitis and injured collateral ligament. In addition to providing  treatment during sessions, they also gave instructions on cross training, stretching, weight lifting and icing that I could perform on my own to further assist my recovery. I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and dedication of Balancing Point.

- Robert S.

I couldn’t believe it have would happen so soon! I had gone to fertility treatments for the past 2 years. I went through IUI (intra uterus insemination) twice with no success.


I had two surgeries in the past year that included a hysteroscopy, and laparoscopy. Because my menstrual cycle had always been regular, and I had never had hormonal imbalances, even after the surgeries, I decided to try IUI once more. I went through so many blood tests and medication but the result was always negative. My biggest question was, “Why can’t I conceive?”


I didn’t go back to treatments because I was emotionally exhausted. After all the disappointments, I was reading a book and came across alternative medicine for fertility. I talked to my husband about my interest in acupuncture. He suggested Dr. Chung because he had been a patient of hers in the past. I made a call and was able to come in that day for my first treatment.


We sat in the office and she asked me to chart my BBT (basal body temperature). It was familiar to me because I had been monitoring my BBT since I first wanted a baby, even though none of my previous doctors had asked or cared for it. I felt a big relief. Each visit, she read my BBT chart carefully to adjust my acupoints. After each visit, I felt so light and energetic, more active with more positive thoughts.


After a month of treatment with Dr. Chung, my cycle was late, and my BBT remained high. On my birthday, my pregnancy test came out positive! I’m now 7 months pregnant, and I still meet with Dr. Chung every week. She really cares about me, and whatever I complain about, she treats it on the spot.


Thanks to Dr. Chung, I’m having an amazing pregnancy with no discomfort or complications. If you don’t know why you can’t get pregnant, Dr. Chung is the doctor you need to meet. She will help you have a baby.

- Yoshiko B.