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Natural Fertility

“In an attempt to get pregnant, I underwent traditional fertility treatments for two years without any success. After one month of treatment with Dr. Chung, my pregnancy test came out positive (on my birthday)! I’m now 7 months pregnant. I couldn’t believe it have would happen so soon!” –Yoshiko B.


Infertility (or at least apparent infertility) can be one of the most upsetting and frustrating conditions for a couple to find themselves in. IVF can improve the chances of conception but is expensive and has a long waiting list.


But there is an alternative; natural fertility treatments are non-invasive procedures that are proven to help support fertility problems in both men and women. These focus on the underlying physical problems and take account of factors such as metabolic, environmental, emotional and dietary issues, which are not  usually addressed in medical treatments.


Acupuncture is actually one of the most effective natural treatments for infertility issues. This helps to restore the energy flow in the body, releasing hormones in women and helping  low sperm counts in males.Acupuncture can help with all stages of fertility, from conception to delivery. The benefits of the treatment can be:


• Regulating the menses and increasing the blood flow to the uterus
• Balancing hormones to increase ovarian response function
• Reducing the side effects of IVF hormone treatments
• Increasing and strengthening the immune system
• Decreasing the chances of miscarriage and increasing the rate of live birth


The holistic effect that acupuncture has on the body’s health helps to unlock the natural healing powers which can help in increasing fertility. This is especially appropriate for couples over the age of 40 as overall good health is an important component for reproductive health.


Massage therapy is also useful to help our patients deal with the stress and anxiety that often go hand and hand with fertility treatments.


The approach that we take at Balancing Point is to develop a relationship with the clients and work out a personalized program of treatment that addresses your specific circumstances and problems.




When during my cycle should I get acupuncture done? Should I come just before ovulation?


Treatments should be done on a regular basis throughout your cycle. Receiving treatments only around ovulation time may only have limited effects. The immediate effects of acupuncture are very subtle, however, the cumulative effect from regular acupuncture treatments can produce long lasting results.


How long will it take for me to get pregnant with acupuncture?


Most patients (men and women) usually will need a minimum of 3 months of treatment. For women, consistent treatment is important. Missing a week of treatment may lose an important opportunity to heal particular segments of the menstrual cycle. A minimum of three consecutive cycles begins to regulate a woman’s system back into balance.


 How does prenatal massage benefit pregnancy?


Prenatal massage can help with many pregnancy related issues – swelling, carpal tunnel, back or sciatic pain and morning sickness to name a few. During pregnancy there are specific points on the body that should be avoided for the safety of mom and baby. Prenatal massage is conducted either on a special massage table with a cut-out for the belly or by having a woman lay on her side, supported by bolsters and pillows.


How does nutrition help improve fertility?


While there are no specific foods or drinks that will 100% make someone more fertile, one’s overall nutrition has a subtle but powerful effect on the whole body, including the reproductive system. Our doctors can help you devise a new eating plan that is balanced and provides adequate calorie and nutrient intake in the necessary proportions to ready your body for conception.