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About Balancing Point

Balancing Point, one of Chicago’s leading health and wellness centers, was founded by Dr Kristina Chung. Kristina was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved with her family to Chicago in 1975. From a very early age she was introduced to traditional Chinese medicine and developed an interest in medicine generally gaining her Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University before going on to achieve her Doctorate in Chiropractic and Certificate in Acupuncture. She set up Balancing Point in 2000 to help people maintain and improve their general health and well-being without the use of surgery or drugs. The Center has an outstanding record of developing solutions for people suffering from injuries, persistent pain, stress and other recurring ailments as well as those seeking help in pregnancy, relaxation, cosmetic issues and other lifestyle choices that can be assisted by the range of non-invasive techniques offered by the Center.

Our Team



Dr. Kristina Chung

Dr. Chung received her Bachelor of Science from Ball State University and her doctoral degree in chiropractic and certificate in acupuncture from National University of Health Sciences.


Dr. Keith Olding

Dr. Jeanne Bonk

Jack Rudzinski, LMT