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Welcome to Balancing Point

Balancing Life Together… At Balancing Point center for wellness, we assist our customers to achieve their highest degree of life goals by applying a very personalized and integrated use of alternative and Western techniques to attain the best results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, overcome your addiction, start a family, or simply feel better, we are your partners in health.



Our unique, personalized treatment plans and holistic services are designed to address all of your Chiropractic Care needs.

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Utilizing both needle and non-needle techniques paired with cupping, we provide a holistic and drug free approach in treating and preventing illness and injury.

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Massage Therapy


Our Massage Therapies use relaxation and tension reduction techniques to immediately treat your aches, pains and injuries.

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Natural Fertility


Natural fertility treatments are non-invasive procedures that are proven to help support fertility problems in both men and women through the use of acupuncture.

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Weight Loss

Our weight loss solutions are a perfect supplement to any personal fitness and diet program.

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Our Physical Therapy team offers a hands-on treatment procedure that helps patients who are suffering from injuries to joint and limb or back and neck trauma.

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Shockwave Therapy


Commonly known as Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy (EPAT), we offer this non-invasive option for patients with damaged muscle tissue.

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Cellulite Reduction


Our Med Spa services include Shockwave Therapy and skin needling as an effective non-surgical method for reducing cellulites.

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News and Events

The Balancing Point Natural Fertility Support Program has been tested and proven effective on over 20 women who have experienced difficulty conceiving.


For most women, there are 3 defining moments in our lives: your first boyfriend, your first job, and your first baby. You may not keep your first boyfriend, and definitely not your first job, but having your first baby is a monumental occasion.


Weight Loss Hall of Fame

Name Weight Lost Duration
Annyce A. 18.4 lbs 7 weeks
Karen C. 15 lbs 6 weeks
Chris H. 65 lbs22 weeks
Emily R. 15 lbs 5 weeks
Tracey T.24 lbs 8 weeks
Michael M.28 lbs 11 weeks
Tracey S.45 lbs 12 weeks
Evan C.24 lbs 13 weeks
Nicole J.28 lbs 13 weeks
Joslyn R.34 lbs 14 weeks
Emily R.29 lbs 16 weeks
Jessica H.35 lbs 20 weeks
Kathy P.45 lbs 23 weeks
Katherine H.35 lbs 20 weeks

Balancing Point's Nutrition and Wellness Coaching program focuses on listening, teaching, and supporting you through your journey to better health and ideal weight.